Why Do We Have To Do Homework? Is It Helpful?

Homework is an integral part of schooling. It facilitates reinforced learning and enables students to attain good grades and eventually makes them a better individual.

However, some students always complain that there is a lot of homework and many times wonder if it is required and how does it help them. This blog will try to answer some of these questions and put things in perspective.

Let’s Understand What Homework Is

Homework can be defined as a set of tasks that teachers assign to the students which need to be completed after school and before the next class of the same subject. Think of it as a refresher to what was taught at school but practiced or reviewed at home so that it helps students strengthen their knowledge in the subject.

Does Homework Help?

The primary objective of homework is to reinforce what was taught at school and strengthen their knowledge. Homework is structured to enhance a student’s learning has the following objectives:

  • Importance of Planning and Preparation
  • Emphasize that Practice makes it better
  • Enable life skills and Self-Development
  • Create Parent-Teacher Collaboration and Communications
  • Allow Parents to spend time with their kids and hence build a parent-child relationship
  • Commitment and Ownership of the outcomes

Importance of Completing Homework

“Why do I have to do my homework”? Well, homework is no fun and hence this is a popular question that most of the students ask. Homework enables students to read and understand on their own. It makes them research or explore outside of books to gain additional knowledge. This simply enhances students learning skills and makes them see things from a new perspective as well.

Top reasons Why Homework is Important?

Here are the top 7 reasons why you students should complete their homework:

  1. Improves focus, attention, and recollection – thus good memory management
  2. It teaches and enhances life skills like planning, time management, setting goals and working towards achieving it, self-discipline and being responsible for outcomes
  3. Enable to attend the next class more confidently as each student would have worked independently, reviewed what was taught in the previous class and any additional materials would have only enhanced their knowledge of the subject
  4. Students get to learn how to make use of the resources available to the maximum extent possible – be it libraries or the plethora of materials that the internet offers
  5. A classroom is timebound while homework allows more time to explore what has been taught and encourages students to apply these learnings to different situations or circumstances.
  6. Homework allows parents to understand what their children are learning at school and monitor their progress.
  7. Homework allows parents to interact with teachers who can also give and get feedback to improve the child’s learning

It is important to highlight here that homework reinforces learning through review and practice. Hence Homework should not be skipped and students should be encouraged to complete it on time and improve their grades.

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